A New Era in Air Mobility

Neoptera Ltd has been developing since 2017 a unique winged Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) civil light aircraft capable of transporting 2 to 5 passengers (or equivalent payload).

Winged VTOL aircraft offer the versatility of helicopters (enabling vertical take-off from compact helipads) combined with the energy efficiency of aircraft (benefiting from the lift afforded by fixed wings to extend range).

Thanks to our aerospace experience and our understanding of the challenges involved in the design, development and certification of aircraft systems, we have concentrated our efforts on safety and simplicity whilst at the same time offering a truly novel concept.

Thinking outside the box, we believe that we have managed to come up with a proposition that will offer a unique passenger experience that may well become the benchmark for future transition VTOL.

Our aircraft relies on distributed electric propulsion to offer a fault tolerant solution with mutliple levels of redundancy. Our aircraft is ready for the next generation in battery technology but the modularity of our concept is also compatible with a range of electric energy sources such as hybrid power unit or fuel cells.


Our company was founded in 2001 and has since been supplying engineering expertise to the Aerospace industry, helping major OEM design and develop more electric Spacecraft and Aircraft systems.

Greatly helped by the publication of UBER Elevate white paper, the eVTOL field has recently raised the interest of several established aircraft manufacturers and seen the creation of many startups. We are one of them!
After over a decade generating IP and patenting novel concepts on behalf of our aerospace customers, we have decided in 2017 to develop our own ideas and have embarked into the development of what we believe is a unique VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) light aircraft for civil aviation. Our aircraft is particularly suited to the transportation of 2 to 5 passengers or equivalent payload/cargo.

We have so far self-funded our design and development and built prototypes of various scales to demonstrate the validity of our concept and confirmed that our approach to VTOL transition is likely to be a game changer for safety and user experience.

Our concept design was finalised in September 2017 and we have been successfully flying scaled prototypes since October 2017 and we are now on our 7th generation of aircraft, a 1.2m span aircraft with a mass of approximately 10kg.

This is not an electrification of past VTOL concepts, this is the eVTOL missing link, a new category of VTOL aircraft altogether and possibly tomorrow's dominant concept.

We have  intentionally been secretative about our concept and wish to keep it that way for the time being, because what we do is purposely simple. All we can publicly share is what our concept looks like.  How we do it and why we do it that way should be fairly obvious to most. 

Mike Hirschberg (, Executive Director of the Vertical Flight Society had this to say:

“Neoptera has developed a unique concept with significant potential and has been addressing the critical technologies necessary to mature the eOpter into a viable eVTOL aircraft. It will be very exciting and informative to see the concept developed into a full-scale aircraft.”    

Graham Warwick, Managing Editor at Aviation Week, refers to our concept as “extraordinary”:

We now need to scale up to full size and further detail the design of our aircraft.


Whether the world is ready for autonomous air taxi in 2025 remains to be seen. But Neoptera will be ready to offer a disruptive and exciting alternative to more conventional light aircraft and helicopters. What our customers do with our aircraft will be entirely up to them!

We are now seeking to recruit the talents we need to achieve our goals and disrupt the light aircraft industry!

If you would like to know more, please contact us so we can tell you more about our concept and our vision.

We will be hiring soon to expand our team, please stay tune!

We are a growing team covering flight physics, systems engineering, design and SW development from our part time team members. We also have a number of graduates working on aircraft design, stress, certification and aerodynamics.


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If you would like to invest in our company or become a partner in our development, please get in touch:
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