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Neoptera Aero was founded by a small group of seasoned aeronautical professionals who have helped major commercial aircraft OEMs design and develop Conventional and More Electric Aircraft.
After nearly two decades spent generating IP and patenting novel concepts on behalf of our aerospace customers, we decided in 2017 to explore our own ideas and embarked into the development of what we believe is a unique VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft.
Following several iterations of the concept and the prototyping of a number of sub-scale aircraft (1.7m span & 9kg), we have reached TRL4 maturity level.
We are now working on the design, manufacture and testing of a 2-seat (TRL5, 2021) and a 4-seat (TRL7, 2023) aircraft to EASA Certification Requirements and NASA TVF WG4 Mission Requirements.

Arnaud Didey



Business Development

Renaud Othomene

Head of Engineering


The eOpter is a winged VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) aircraft.
It combines the Versatility of rotary-wing helicopters (operating from compact heliport) with the Efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft (for better range).
This patented Tail-sitting,Tandem-wing, aircraft has a Tilting body for pilot and passenger comfort.
The aircraft features a single non-safety critical moving part which, together with a tail-sitting configuration allows "Continued Safe Flight and Landing" under any failure conditions.
The eOpter is designed to meet the "Enhanced Category" certification requirements of EASA SC-VTOL.
The aircraft will be available in all-electric version for Urban missions up to 50miles and hybrid-electric version for Public Services missions (HEMS, Logistics).


For extended range or remote-locations operations such as Public Services (e.g. HEMS), Military and Logistics missions


For enrironmentally conscious Urban operations with a range of less than 50miles (Li-Ion cell chemistry)


Implements fault-tolerant architecture and systems to meet or exceed EASA "Enhanced Category" certification requirements

They trust us

“Neoptera has developed a unique concept with significant potential and has been addressing the critical technologies necessary to mature into a viable eVTOL aircraft. It will be very exciting to see the concept developed into a full-scale aircraft.”
Mike Hirschberg, Executive Director of the Vertical Flight Society
Graham Warwick, Managing Editor at Aviation Week, refers to our concept as “extraordinary”
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